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Updated April 2014
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Get FREE standard shipping on ANY Orders – $25 total savings.
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this Blendtec Coupon Code

Instructions on how to use this Blendtec free shipping code:

1. Order directly and securely through, select a blender and add it to your cart. Then find the empty field under “Coupon Code” in your shopping cart. You simply type or paste the following code in the box 303604 and click to apply.

2. You will then see a red text message saying “Promotion Applied”. THEN you will need to enter your shipping address details. After shipping details have been entered, from the shipping drop down box you can THEN choose the option that says “Ground – $0.00″ (or up to $25 off any other shipping option).


Blender Advantages

When you go shopping for certain items you know you are going to get what you pay for. If you are buying a purse and you pay $20.00 you certainly do not expect it to last as long as a purse that you spend $75.00 on. When buying shoes, people know, you get what you pay for. That is why people pay $100 for good running shoes. The same goes for homes, cars, fitness equipment and even blenders.

Yes, there is a huge difference between different types of blenders. If you are looking for a simple blender that makes milkshakes and smoothies than the kitchen blender you probably already have is good. However, if you are looking to improve your style of living, making it healthier than you should look at a professional blender.

The professional blender is going to be built to handle more than the kitchen version, and will last longer. Its blades are designed to chop up lots of different kinds of foods, including greens. The professional blender is going to take your healthy living style to a new level. You can create smoothies and milkshakes, like the kitchen blender, along with: soups, dressings, green
drinks, dough and many other things that the kitchen blender cannot handle.

Why Buy a Blendtec Blenders?

Blendtec blenders are professional blenders that are designed to be more durable. They have a longer warranty because they are more expensive, but they also last longer than your average kitchen model. They give you versatility, a sleek look, a ton of different speed settings, power, and easy to clean units.

Different Type of Blendtec Blenders

Blendtec offers a great line of blenders that you should consider while you are researching and deciding which blender is going to be best for you and your new healthier living style. Blendtec has five different lines to choose from: Classic, Designer Series, Signature Series, Professional Series and Tom Dickson Extreme. The prices vary depending on the: controls, number of cycles, power, warranty and what the package includes.

  • The Total Blender Classic comes in three colors and it comes with a WildSide plus jar. It has 1560 watts of power, which comes with an ice-crushing guarantee. This Blendtec blender has 4” blades which allows you to make larger servings as well as mix whole foods. It is a commercial quality within your own home.
  • The Designer Series WildSide comes in four colors. This Blendtec blender is nicknamed “The Swiss Army Knife of Blenders”. It can do it all: make ice cream, be a grain mill, be a bread mixer, grind meat, make lattes, make smoothies, and be a whole juicer. It has a new sleek design and is super easy to clean.
  • The Signature Series gives you lots of control. There are five manual speed buttons for the person who wants to control the speed, or there are five one-touch blend cycles if you need to multitask. But no matter which way you go this Blendtec blender gives you lots of options and control.
  • The Professional Series is just like its name suggests. It is a professional blender that comes with both the WildSide jar and the FourSide jar. It comes with two vented Gripper lids and the Fresh Blends recipe book. This particular Blendtec blender can be built into your countertop to be a part of your kitchen design, but it can also be moved to different spots utilizing the tabletop base. This blender comes with a ton of power, 1560 watts. It also has our cycle button, which allows you to push a button, and walk away. The exclusive technology speeds up and slows down, as necessary to create the perfect recipe.
  • The Tom Dickson Extreme Blender is like no other. It is the “monster” of all blenders and has more power than any other home blender out there. It has a full 20 amps and comes with a ten year warranty. This Blendtec blender has one-button control for the perfect recipe, every time. It has 25 of those one-button preprogrammed controls. The recipe book that comes with this blender has over 300 recipes that will help you make salsas, sauces, ice cream, margaritas, muffins, smoothies, bread and more.

How To Buy Blendtec Blender with Coupon Code

If you are considering buying a Blendtec blender, now is a great time. Blendtec is offering free shipping on all of their blenders. Just order a blender directly and securely through Choose a blender and add it to your cart. Then look for the field, “Coupon Code” in your shopping cart and type or paste the code, 303604, into the box and click to apply. This is a savings of at least $25.00, depending on where the blender is shipped to.

Bottom Line

If you want to be a good teacher you have to go to school, study hard, and then jump in with both feet. In order to be a good bowler you have to study, practice and take lessons. If you want to be healthier you have to make the commitment. You need to learn how to be healthy, have the proper equipment and stick with it every day. Having a Blendtec blender in your home will make that commitment easier. You will have commercial quality smoothies, green drinks, soups, etc… which will give you the vitamins and energy you need to stick to your healthier living commitment.
Blendtec blenders are built to last and they are worth every penny, and more. They are designed with 4” blades to be able to blend up more than the conventional kitchen blender. They have amazing 7-10 year warranties (depending on which blender you purchase). Should you decide to purchase one today you can use 303604 at check out to save yourself $25.00 on shipping. Make the commitment to yourself, and buy the best Blendtec blender for your needs today.

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