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Updated April 2014
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Vitamix Promotion Code – 06-006234
To get the Maximum Discount you must:
1. Go to the Official Vitamix consumer site by clicking here:
2. Enter this Promotion Code in the checkout area: 06-006234
3. You will automatically receive FREE SHIPPING on your order – $25 total savings.

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3 Ways to Order a Vitamix using this Promotion Code:

1.  Order directly and securely through, select a blender and add it to your cart.  Then find the empty field under “Enter Promotion Code” in your shopping cart. You simply type or paste the following code in the box (06-006234) and click to apply. Then you will receive FREE SHIPPING on your order.

2.  CLICK HERE to go directly to and this link will automatically apply your Vitamix Promotion Code while ordering (free standard shipping – a savings of $25 on the purchase of a Vitamix machine!)

3.  Or order by phone by calling 1-800-848-2649 (1-800-VITA-MIX). Just make sure you tell the operator that you have a Vitamix Promotion Code (06-006234) that gives you FREE SHIPPING (a $25 U.S. savings).

vitamix promotion code

Get More Veggies in Your Diet

My family made the decision a few months ago to buy a Vitamix blender after figuring out that both myself, my wife and my kids were not getting enough vegetables in our diet. I did hours of online research and also talked to several of our healthy-minded friends…and all of friends strongly recommended the Vitamix blender.

Make sure to use the Vitamix Promotion Code on this page to receive free standard shipping; a total savings of $25 on the purchase of any Vitamix blender.

In fact, one our close friends has owned the same Vitamix blender for over 10 years. This friend has never had any problems with the blender; and in fact, this friend is now envious of our newer blender…that she might be purchasing a new blender soon.We make a green drink each and every day using our Vitamix. And we drink for both lunch and dinner (along with our regular meals). It is one of the most used and most healthy kitchen device we own. Our entire family has noticed a major difference in our overall health by using Vitamix on a daily basis.

Benefits of using Vitamix Promotion Code

You get to save $25 (free standard shipping)…which allows you buy your wife or husband something nice…and not feel bad about it. You can order directly from or you can call their toll free number: 1-800-848-2649. Either way you order…make sure to copy and paste the special promotion code in the checkout box. Or if calling the 800 number, just tell the operator this Vitamix promotion code…and you will save $25.

Why Buy a Vitamix Blender?

If you want to get more vegetables in your diet and get more healthy….then buying the Vitamix blender will be one of your best decisions that you have ever made. My wife first complained about the pricing before we purchases…but let me tell you…. this blender will blend (or grind up) any vegetables and make them into a great tasting smoothie. The US government suggests getting like 8 servings of vegetable per day….with our Vitamix blender…we are getting like 20 servings per day…and we feel great as a family. I have turned on so many people to drinking green veggie smoothies…and that is the reason why I developed this web site.

Remember to use Vitamix Promotion Code:

Benefits of using Vitamix Blender

Have you recently made the decision to alter your life style? Have you decided you want to be healthier, but are not sure what to do next? One step to be healthier is to buy a blender. A blender can help you get more of the vitamins you need. However, buying the right kind of blender for your needs can be challenging if you are not very knowledgeable when it comes to blenders.
It is important to first look at what you want to do with the blender. Do you want to make smoothies? Will the smoothie recipes that you want to make use ice? What kinds of foods will you be blending?

Now that you know what you have in mind, you need to decide which type of blender will best suit your needs. There are both kitchen blenders and professional blenders. A kitchen blender is great for blending basic drinks and for making milkshakes. It is not, however, going to help you with your new healthy lifestyle. The kitchen blender cannot handle larger foods and it is not designed to be used every day or to create many different blending concoctions.

If you are truly committed to getting yourself healthier and you have decided smoothies, soups, salads and green drinks are the way, you need a professional blender. A professional blender is great because it can do more than just smoothies and soups. It can also make juice, milk, dressings, batters, purees, frozen desserts, dough, and lots of other things.

Vitamix Blender Bonuses

A Vitamix fits the bill for all of those needs. It is a line of professional blenders that can handle larger ingredients, has blades that are sharper and build to last for a long time. The Vitamix blender is recommended again and again because it has laser-cut stainless-steel blades. It has a 2+ hp motor that creates speeds of 240 MPH. It comes with variable speed controls. It also comes with an instructional DVD, and manual.

The best part about a Vitamix, besides that it makes awesome smoothies, is that it comes with a recipe book. If you have never used a blender for “healthy-type” concoctions it will help you a ton. There are recipes for all sorts of blends, including, but not limited to: Going Green Smoothie, Tropical Cooler, Banana Blueberry Orange Smoothie, Roasted Red Pepper Hummus, California Salsa, Chicken Potato Spinach Soup, Curried Carrot Soup, along with tons of other great recipes.

Types of Vitamix Blenders

By choosing Vitamix for your professional blender you have four different series to choose from: the Classic Series, Professional Series, TurboBlend Series, and Creations Series. Each one offers several great options, but depending on your specific needs will depend on which blender will be best for you.

  • The Classic Series is great for meeting your healthy family meal needs and comes in an entertaining classic design. It comes with a 2 HP, and a seven year warranty. It has several settings and has a blending capacity of 32, 48 or 64-ounces.
  • The Professional Series can help you create restaurant-quality meals/dishes within your own home. This Vitamix Blender Series comes with a seven year warranty, and a blending capacity of 64-ounces. It also has several different settings and speeds and an HP of 2+.
  • The TurboBlend Series is a great series if you are just getting started with Vitamix or for someone who is Vegan or Vegetarian. You can get this series with a five or seven year warranty. This Vitamix Series comes with a blending capacity of 64-ounces. It also has several setting and speeds.
  • The Creations Series is just that, a series designed for culinary exploration. This series comes with a five year warranty and has an HP of 2+. This Vitamix Series comes with a capacity for blending of 48 or 64-ounces. Besides the speed and settings options it also has an option for Pulse.

Bottom Line: Use the Vitamix Promotion Code

Any one of the Vitamix Blenders is a great addition to your healthy lifestyle. If you are interested in purchasing one we are offering a great promotion right now. If you use the promotion code 06-006234 when you are checking out, we will ship you your new Vitamix Blender for FREE, which is a $25 savings!

Getting more veggies in your diet is hard sometimes, but very important. Using a Vitamix blender you can make you, and your family a green drink to go along with any meal and get all the required veggies every day.

Vitamix Promotion Code – 06-006234
To get the Maximum Discount you must:
1. Go to the Official Vitamix consumer site by clicking here:
2. Enter this Promotion Code in the checkout area: 06-006234
3. You will automatically receive FREE SHIPPING on your order – $25 total savings.

You can also copy/paste this, Vitamix Promotion Code, if your are having issues with the link:


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